buddha_redflowerQigong (life-force cultivation) is an ancient practice that involves a series of postures and exercises combining gentle movement, visualization, sound, breathing and conscious intention.

According to Taoism, the health of the body-mind is dependent upon a clear, strong and balanced flow of Qi (life force energy) through the meridian system. Qigong practice accomplishes this enabling the physical systems of the body, as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to come into balance.

Simple exercises are offered for you to incorporate in daily self-care routines to augment the benefits of the Individual Sessions. Qigong can help you to develop the ability to manipulate your own Qi and promote self-healing, prevent disease and increase longevity.


Qigong practice has been shown to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and can be helpful to:

• Improve balance, stamina and flexibility
• Positively impact the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune and central nervous system
• Support an energized, joyful, relaxed state of mind
• Create mental clarity and nourish intuition and creativity