lagooniRest (Integrative Restoration) is an evidence based practice of deep relaxation and meditative self-inquiry from the teachings of yoga that has been shown to release negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervouse system and develops an inner sense of well-being.

iRest is based on a several thousand year old ancient yoga practice, Yoga Nidra. The present iRest practice is an adaptation formulated by Richard Miller,PhD at the Integrative Restoration Institute where I received advanced training in 2010.

In an iRest session, I will lead you through a guided self-meditation that will assist you to experience deep relaxation and provide a tool for you to access your True Nature and inherent healing abilities. Through this tool, you will be able to selectively address any self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions that are standing in the way of your leading a healthy and satisfying life.

I offer iRest in a group or Individual Session. With practice, iRest protocol can become a self-care tool to be used in between sessions helping you to build upon the benefits of your Individual Session.
iRest has been an effective tool as an adjunctive treatment in VA settings, homeless shelters, health clinics, and other health and wellness programs.

Clients have found iRest sessions to:
• Reduce stress
• Release muscular tension
• Increase energy
• Improve sleep
• Decrease anxiety and depression
• Improve interpersonal relationships
• Improve their ability to cope with chronic pain
• Increase a sense of control of their lives