Individual Sessions

figureDo you experience physical pain and want to feel better?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, hopeless, depressed and alone as you address the challenges in your life?

Would you like to be more in control of your life and your health?

Are you often tired or experiencing restless sleep?

Individual Sessions can address all of these issues and more. Whether you are experiencing physical pain, facing a life transition or just want to explore more ways to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, an Individual Session will offer the opportunity to connect to your body’s natural healing abilities.

The heart of my work is anchored in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element Theory with its emphasis on a holistic view of life in which individual nature is part of a greater Nature.

We are not just a physical collection of organs, muscles, and bones but also encompass a mind and spirit that play their own part in our life purpose, destiny, vitality and relationships. Working toward the balance and harmony of each person’s body, mind and spirit is the goal of my Individual Sessions.

Together we will identify what challenges and stresses you face and what goals you have for a healthier life. An Individual Session can help you to come to a deep and relaxed connection to your innate wisdom for healing and living life fully.

My sessions are grounded in Acupressure and Reiki with the added benefit of other healing modalities of iRest meditation, Qigong, energy breath work, meditation and journal writing.

These sessions can offer a variety of opportunities to address blockages you may face on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to free your self of old patterns that no longer serve you and move you toward a healthier sense of well being.

Among the many health issues that may be addressed are:

• Arthritis
• Allergies
• Back and Neck Pain
• Cancer and Related Treatments
• Carpal Tunnel
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Gastrointestinal issues
• High Blood Pressure
• Immune function
• Insomnia
• Muscle and Joint Pain
• Nausea
• Pain Management
• Sciatica
• Sinus Infection
• Stress Tension
• Thyroid Irregularities.

Individual Sessions can help you feel relaxed and renewed and offer practical strategies to support your greater wisdom to improved health and well being.


A typical session is approximately 70 minutes. It is customized to your needs. In each session you will lay on a massage table fully clothed with support as needed for your comfort.

There will be time before and after the session to discuss your concerns, questions and to leave with practical strategies on how you can maintain and improve your health and well-being.