Workshops and Services

buddha_treeWORKSHOPS and presentations can be offered on a variety of topics based on your interests. They can be presented at the workplace, community centers, hospitals, women’s groups, yoga studios, or small groups of your choice.

The workshops are interactive where participants learn practical tools that can be used to enhance health, stamina, self-confidence, and well being. Some examples of topics are:

• Overview of Acupressure and Benefits to You
• Acupressure for Everyday Complaints
• Acupressure to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue
• Acupressure and the Seasons
• Acupressure for Immunity Building
• Facing Cancer with Acupressure
• Managing Stress Using Self-Acupressure at the Workplace
• Integrating Mind/Body Techniques into Western Health Care


Reiki is an effective, natural and simple method of spiritual healing and self improvement. It has been beneficial in helping many conditions as a complementary modality to other medical treatments.

The ability to use Reiki energy is passed on through an attement process and offers students access to universal life force energy for themselves and others around them.

In a Reiki class students will:

• Learn about the history and background of Reiki
• Receive the Reiki I and II attunements
• Learn to draw the sacred Reiki symbols
• Practic Reiki on themselves and each other
• Receive a manual