Is it possible for football players to include non-steriod ingredients into their diets to improve their health, vitality and manage joint pain?  The answer came to me in an unexpected encounter with a 6 foot tall, heavy-set foot ball player that I met in the spice and tea bulk bin area of my favorite grocery store.

“Do you know where turmeric is and what it’s good for?”  he asked me.  Football players are not my usual healthy lifestyle audience but then here was an opportunity to help improve the health and well being of this player and who know maybe the NFL as well.

So, placing my judgement of football and its potential destruction of player’s joints, head injuries, and broken bones aside,  I opened the turmeric bin.  We gazed upon the glorious golden spice as I shared with him how this spice could help relieve the aches and pains of joints that have worn down from too much tackling and running.

Among its many health benefits turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory that can address joint pain and arthritis, lower the risk of heart disease, improve brain function and is a potent antioxidant.  All of this peeked this football player’s interest as he scooped up the spice into a large bag.

“How do you take it and what does it taste like?” he asked.  Turmeric has a mild earthy taste unlike the stinky Chinese herbs I am used to brewing. It is delicious with hot water in a tea, sprinkled on oatmeal, salads, scrambled eggs or whatever.  So simple and yet so healthily powerful!

Before I knew it this football player had his bounty of turmeric and a plan to use it and off he went. As he left he turned around and asked “what does cinnamon do?” I asked, “Do you have high blood pressure?”  “Yes”.  “Put cinnamon on your oatmeal – it lowers blood pressure”.  And then he was gone.

It is my hope that maybe little tidbits of information can make small changes to help people think more about health.  As we  say in Buddhism, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Good Health to all of you.  Would love to hear your comments on how spices may be working to spice up your life and health!





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  1. ED says:

    Guess I will have to start drinking tea with turmeric in it.

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