Graduation was in the air earlier this summer.  Seemed as though everyone was graduating – family members, neighbor kids, and even the dog next door got a graduation certificate.  It was electrifying to be around so much excitement and sense of moving on to new opportunities of college, work, travel and whatever.

I graduated from high school in the 60’s.  It was 1969 in fact.  I was so ready to leave behind my high school days of nun’s teachings, uniforms, strict rules and to finally bear my heart and soul to new adventures.  Moving on meant attending university with free choice of classes, Viet Nam war time demonstrations, tight jeans and free speech every where.  It was a time of openness, freedom and exploring new roads. A time to experience who I was and would become.  So many opportunities and the feeling was exhilarating!

I see in the bright eyes and enthusiasm of those just graduating now just what I felt back in 1969. It’s what I feel now as I am in my 60’s today – 63 in fact.  Graduations are a marking of time completed in accomplishing a set course of study which lay the foundation for the next chapter in life.  Much of my life was about setting goals, doing the study, setting more goals and achieving. School and professional work life always meant organizing my direction and achieving, achieving, achieving.

There has come a time in my life when I begin to see now that achieving is an activity that no longer interests me.  I went back to school in 2007 to finally pick up studies in Chinese Medicine and energy body work.  These were the fields of interest that I so wanted to pursue in my 20’s but life put me on the path of learning that would turn into work.  Now in the second half of life, I have the freedom and inclination to pick up those topics.  Not for accumulating more certificates or graduation diplomas – there are far too many of them stashed in drawers.  But for now I am reveling in the feeling of learning for my own health and well being and enjoying the sharing of what I learn with others.  No more goal setting, tests to pass, no more report cards, “good job stars” or diplomas.  I am done.  And ready for the next big adventure that life has to offer!





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