Spring has arrived.  Time to shake off the stillness of winter.  Bring in the seeds of hopes and dreams that were incubating during the winter months and plant them in our gardens to grow.  It is our nature to grow and develop and Nature leads the way in giving us many examples on how to push forward, give birth, create new starts and just go for it.

Our days are becoming longer and with extended light I feel the urge tIMG_0953o go outside and discover what is popping up in my area.  A trek to Bodega Bay on the northern California coast fed my senses with a colorful and glorious array of ice plant and other flowers.  The Pacific ocean with its crashing waves created the perfect backdrop for Nature’s welcome to Spring.

IMG_0961Throughout the year, the ice plant remains intact with its green leaves.  But when Spring comes, its flowers emerge as a burst of new energy and life that provides hope and optimism – the vital energy we need to spring forward.  By going out to the ocean, taking a walk in my own neighborhood, or even in looking at my garden I can feel the earth awakening from its winter sleep and getting ready for a new cycle of growth.  Nature offers an essential nutrient – “Vitamin N” that teaches us to put our wifi connections and to do lists aside and open our minds and spirits to the present moment of fresh air, hikes and beauty.

I love this time of year for how I can stretch my legs, open my mind to new projects and possibilities and feed my spirit.  I also know that Spring can also bring on some unwelcome visitors such as allergies, strained muscles and joints and over exertion.  Because I have taken the turn in my life to view my health care as self care and have opened my mind and tool box to a variety of teas and techniques, illness does not invade me as it once did.  Acupressure, qigong, herbal teas, seasonal diet, meditation and of course walking with Nature are my mainstays of healthy living.

In the next few Blogs I will share with you what Spring from Chinese medicine  and other traditions has to teach what I have learned along my road to healthy living.


“Just living is not enough….one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower”

Hans Christian Andersen




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